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Overwatch Inc. provide a wide range of services throughout Canada, USA & Africa.



Inspection of lead wall installations for x-ray and nuclear medicine installations, both new and renovated. Customers include Parkin Architects Ltd of Toronto and Ellis Don Construction.

Lead can be obtained from Marshield: An experienced and widely proven partner for corporations, institutions, the military and government seeking a full-service provider of radiation protection solutions. Web Site http://www.marshield.com


Radiation Safety Training

Our Training Programs are directly oriented to the user and are based on Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) recommendations.

Basic Radiation Safety Training

Covers the types of radiation, sources of radiation, uses, doses, dose rate, instrumentation and safe handling. Link to a (pdf) excerpt from a recent training session.


Specialized Radiation Training

For First Response and Hazmat teams. Training involves “hands-on” training using real scenarios and radionuclides to prepare teams for incidents/accidents involving sealed or open sources of radioactive material.

Hardware & Survey equipment training

Overwatch is official trainer for EXPLORANIUM radiation detection equipment. Overwatch also offers training for a wide range of nuclear instrumentation.


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R-116 compliant Leak Testing available
Courtesy of Berthold Courtesy of Kodiak
Examples of radiation sources

We will calibrate and repair (if necessary) your instrument to exact R-117 standards. Required calibrations certificates are issued with each returning meter along with an updated calibration label placed on the side of the instrument. We promise quick turnaround and competitive pricing for your instruments. For example:

Model GR-135 by SAIC/Exploranium

Dose Rate Meter 6150 AD by Automess (Automation und Messtechnik GmbH)



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