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Overwatch Inc. is a one-stop-shop in radiation and nuclear services and will always try to solve your problems. We operate throughout Canada, and internationally. For anything radioactive or radiation related, call us first. Most likely we can help.


We do radiation safety officer training, instrument training and other.

Overwatch Inc provides a variety of quality, approved training at reasonable prices.Our training material has been used nationally , at Government level and internationally.

Training is directly oriented to the  user and is based on Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) recommendations.

Most popular is the basic  Radiation Safety Training for Radiation Safety Officers. It covers  the types of radiation, sources of radiation, uses, doses, instrumentation and safe handling.

Specialized Radiation Training is mostly for First Response and Hazmat teams. Training involves “hands-on” training using real scenarios to prepare teams for incidents/accidents involving sealed or open sources of radioactive material.

Overwatch  offers training for a wide range of nuclear instrumentation , including radiation hardware & survey equipment training.

Inspection of Lead Walls

We verify the lead shielding integrity of x-ray and nuclear medicine rooms in new and old hospitals.

Overwatch Inc is synonymous with safety and radiation shielding and has a loyal client base which includes architects, building contractors, health and safety officers and government and regulatory bodies.

We visit new hospitals and check lead walls to ensure spec and safety requirements are met.

Special attention is given to operator rooms and problem areas such as windows and doors. Installation of wall items like electrical boxes requires lead wrap and overlap.

We verify the lead shielding integrity of x-ray , nuclear, CT and PET facilities in new and old hospital and clinics. Some customers are concerned about compliance and liability issues and contact Overwatch to evaluate, report on and solve problems.

We design and supply signage and custom lead hardware. We install wall fittings (for example hangers for lead aprons) while ensuring the integrity of the lead. We also pickup scrap lead.

Product & Calibration

We sell a range of instrumentation from dosimeters and tongs, hand-held (and truck) radiation detectors.

We work with steel mills and large waste companies like Waste Management and GFL. Portal truck radiation detectors are essential for steel mills and waste handlers and increasingly so for other industries.

Alarms are literally ringing at a growing number of Canadian landfills as radioactive waste is detected in loads of trash. Radiation warning alarms are triggered by short-lived radioactive substances of medical origin as well as long-lived materials requiring special handling.

Calibration and Leak Test: We will calibrate and repair (if necessary) your instrument to exact R-117 standards.

Required calibrations certificates are issued with each returning meter along with an updated calibration label placed on the side of the instrument.

We promise quick turnaround and competitive pricing for your instruments.


A small sample of the work we continually do.

lead integrity in hospitals

Hospital Visits

Instrumentation & dosimeters

radiation detetectors for waste stations


In use by many waste stations

portal truck detectors in steel mills

Portal Truck Detectors

Steel mills, waste stations & borders

don doing rso training


Radiation Safety Training

lead wall inspection in hospitals and clinics

Lead Wall Inspection

Verify continuous lead shielding


On-site Training

Radiation safety training


Instrumentation, training, lead wall shielding.

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    Transition to Full Service

    Overwatch Inc has eveolved from being primarily a radiation training company to being a full service operation. If it's to do with nuclear or radiation - we solve your problem!

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